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Publications per year (.CSV File)
Year Publications
2008 1

Co-authors (.CSV File)
Author Publications with
Moore, Jennifer A. 1
Hoeksema, Bert W. 1
Obura, David O. 1
Sheppard, Anne 1
Edwards, Alasdair J. 1
Fenner, Douglas 1
Guzman, Hector L. 1
Edgar, Graham J. 1
Johan, Ofri 1
Aronson, R. B. 1
Chiriboga, Angel 1
Licuanan, Wilfredo Y. 1
Hodgson, Gregor 1
Veron, John E. N. 1
Richards, Zoe T. 1
Rogers, Alex D. 1
Polidoro, Beth A. 1
Lovell, Edward R. 1
Precht, W. F. 1
Turak, Emre 1
Sanciangco, Jonnell 1
Banks, Stuart B. 1
Delbeek, Charles 1
Ochavillo, Domingo 1
Stuart, Simon 1
DeVantier, Lyndon 1
Quibilan, Miledel C. 1
Bruckner, Andrew 1
Smith, Jennifer 1
Wallace, Carden 1
Cortes, Jorge 1
Sheppard, Charles 1
Carpenter, Kent E. 1
Livingstone, Suzanne R. 1