Fabrication of aluminum welding fillers reinforced with niobium diboride nanoparticles for aerospace applications Conference Poster uri icon


  • Aerospace components bearing innovative weld fillers are critical in lightweight and cost-effective structures for space exploration missions. Specialized Al alloys are normally employed as fillers for such aerospace applications, being AA5356 the most commonly used. There is room for improvement as the welds with these fillers could yield unsatisfactory performance at high temperatures by showing crack sensitivity. In this challenging context, one can augment the mechanical strength of the fillers by reinforcing them with niobium diboride nanoparticles. Hence, the present work demonstrates how with further addition of magnesium these novel fillers could render better welded joints for AA6xxx base alloys.  This research explored the development of a competitive high-grade fillers for structure welds that could better mission safety in space applications.

publication date

  • May 4, 2019